History & Philosophy

The Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club was founded in January 2004 by Elmer Stenzel, Bob Bruggeworth and Wayne Massetti. It has grown from the original 20 members to over 100 members today. The FHFC has three primary goals:

Membership is open to residents and non residents--anyone willing to spend $10.00/year to join the club. We have no officers, bylaws or regulations--just a mutual interest in fishing. We meet at 7:00 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Community Center. The evenings begin with a brief business meeting followed by a speaker who can enhance our knowledge of local fishing and the techniques and locations that produce in our waters. Speakers are generally both knowledgeable and entertaining. Many of the more successful fishing guides and charter captains in our area have made appearances. (Many are listed with their web sites on the Links page.) Most presentations end with a question-and-answer session, and the evening ends with an informal social where guests and members can trade stories and plan to fish. We hold several local fishing  tournaments and excursions each year  which are run by anyone in the club who wants to put an event together. 

 “Fishing isn’t everything, but it sure beats whatever is second.” Anon.

Captain Jimmy Price giving a very well received presentation to the club

Elmer Stenzel, Wayne Massetti, Captain Jimmy Price & Bob Bruggeworth

Take A Kid Fishing

Fishing Club Hosts Wounded Warriours

Outdoor column: Going to sea with some who have been to war

"Super Specks" article in NC Sportsman, June 2009

Mike Daly designed our club logo featuring a Red Drum.

Here are some of his earlier designs.