The club runs these community-outreach events:


·         Recovering Warriors Fishing Day:  The club sponsors a day of fishing for military personnel stationed at local bases and recovering from traumatic injuries.   This event typically involves:


o   Chartering a head boat for a half day of ocean fishing

o   Warriors fish for free

o   Club members go with the warriors as fishing partners at their own expense

o   The club provides the warriors with catered lunch and trophies after the fishing outing


·         Take a Kid Fishing Day: The club runs a half-day event that involves:


o   Kids fishing around Fairfield Harbour

o   Club members assisting the anglers

o   Fishing tackle and bait is provided by the club that is given to the participants after the events


·         Fishing Mentoring Program:  This program consists of a series of about 10 hours of training on fishing in the Neuse River, White Oak River and near-shore Atlantic Ocean.  The program is:


o   Open to the public

o   Five 2-hour, evening sessions

o   Intended to help experienced and novice anglers improve their fishing success with local knowledge, and tackle effectiveness


·         Sound Rivers Collaboration: This program involves club members supporting the Sound Rivers organization with initiatives focused on water quality in the Neuse River.


·         Regulatory Avocation and Enforcement: The Club advocates for recreational fishing perspectives with North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commissioners.  Members also provide on-the-water observations to wildlife officers.


·         Coastal Conservation Association: The club sponsors at lease one table at the CCA’s annual fundraiser banquet and encourages membership in the CCA.


·         Hats for Cancer Patents:  The club donates and delivers baseball caps to cancer patients at the area hospitals