Neuse River Kayak Fishing Group


Local kayak fishing clubs are a great way to promote kayak fishing. They provide a "grass roots" platform to kayak anglers for organized fishing events, rigging days, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics prioritizing safety.  Clubs also provide a place for newbies to have their questions answered and to reduce the learning curve, and of course camaraderie.


Within the Fairfield Harbor Fishing Club is a group of members that enjoy fishing from their kayaks, known in the past as the Neuse River Kayak Fishing Group.  We began this group in 2021 shortly before COVID reared its ugly head.  Because our club was banned from meeting for almost two years it really put a damper on our kayak group as well.  At the time we had over 25 members.  Now that we are past all of that and the club is routinely meeting again, there has been a renewed interest in our kayak group starting up again. In fact, as of Jan 1st 2023 we have some kayak fishing events planned for both local and near coastal waters.   As a re-newly formed club, our initial goal is to promote kayak safety.  A presentation on Kayak Fishing is available via reference link:


We welcome anyone who loves to fish and has any type of paddle craft - kayak, canoe, or paddle board.  If you are new to the sport or just want to come and see what we are all about, contact Jim Spatharos ( for more information.