Club Membership

Membership in the Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club is open to anyone with an interest in fishing. The Club meets at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of every month at the Fairfield Harbour Community Center. Members are:

1.    People who pay the Club Dues and sign the Club Waiver

2.    Spouses and domestic partners of people who have joined the club and also sign a club waiver

3.    Minor, cohabitating, children of Club Waiver signers

Club Dues are $20 per year.

To join:

1.    Print and fill out the Waiver and Membership Information Form

2.    Write a check for $20 payable to FHFC

3.    Bring both documents to the next club meeting and deliver them to the Membership Chairman

New members sent the New Member Welcome Message when their email address is added to the Club Google Group (

Members are asked to fill out the form each year when they renew their membership to allow us to update our records.

This membership information is available only to fellow club members via the current roster by providing the Club Roster Username and Password. This information is provided to new members when they join.

Members are asked to volunteer stewards for the club meetings. Click here for the Stewarts' Duties Guide