Catches & Coming Events

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 Club Meetings are held at 7:00 pm the first Wednesday each month
 at the Fairfield Harbour Community Center on Broad Creek Rd.

                                   All are welcome.
●       August 5 Club Meeting likely to be "corona-cancelled" but we're waiting to see what happens


The Facilitator

We've been getting calls about Bob, so here's the update:

Bob had a car accident last week and after initially being taken to Carolina East, he was transferred to Vidant in Greenville.  His new knees survived but his legs got a bit banged up, he had a broken rib and collarbone, and a partially collapsed lung.  The Vidant doctors patched him up and he is now back home. With the virus being what it is, visiting is curtailed, but he has his cell phone, so messages and good wishes are in order.


Art Thingulstad caught this 18.5 inch flounder and a 23 inch stripped bass on a chartreuse  z-man jerk shad under a float in Goose Creek on May 26.


Puppy Drum and White Perch

Larry Knapp had cocktail hour fish Memorial Day.

Yellow Perch
Jim Spatharos caught this 12.5 inch Yellow Perch with a 1/4 oz rooster tail in Northwest Creek on Memorial Day.


Larry Knapp reports the school stripers are plentiful in Upper Broad Creek.


Don Simpson caught and released a nineteen inch flounder in Spring Creek which is now on the Leaderboard.

Food Pantry Letter

We received this letter from RCS. Read it.

Broad Creek School of Rock


Twenty  to twenty two inch striped bass have been all over Broad Creek near the pilings.  Lots of boat action and this one from Larry Knapp's dock Thursday evening.

RCS Food Pantry Donation



The RCS Food Pantry is dispensing groceries on a daily basis, but they came perilously close to running out of food when it is now needed more than ever.  Our club has always taken the position that, when possible, we want to help our greater New Bern community. During this time of extreme need, we have donated one thousand dollars, specifically earmarked to buy badly needed food for the RCS Food Pantry. The funds came solely from our dues and raffle money. The money for the Wounded Warriors project remains untouched with a current balance of $7,246. After the donation to the Food Pantry, our club balance is $1,774.94.


If you would like to make a personal donation to the Food Pantry, please make your check payable to “RCS Food Pantry” and place it in the brown box of Bob Bruggeworth,  George Maravelas, or Larry Knapp, and we will ensure that the checks are delivered to the Food Pantry. Or you can go to their web site to donate directly:


Stay safe and do some socially distanced fishing! 


Broad Creek Drum 

Still lots of puppies in Upper Broad Creek.

Kayak Guys Update


Check out some of the recent kayak action under the Kayak menu item. 

Broad Creek Drum 

There are some nice puppy drum near the pilings in Upper Broad Creek. Larry Knapp caught this 20 inch fish from his dock opposite the "pilings."


Release Over 20" Trout Campaign

                          Click on image to view the video.

CCA NC has partnered with Eye Strike Fishing in order to promote our jointed campaign for "Release Over 20". Release Over 20 is more than just releasing big fish. It is part of a larger idea that is bigger than any one person and extends to other fisheries than just trout. It is a summation of what it means to be a true conservationist. It is essentially a self-imposed bag limit which evokes the voice of Aldo Leopold mentioned above by doing something that we view as ethical, even though the alternative is legal. This campaign represents an ideal that we should all strive for. One where we put aside frustrations over what is and isn’t “fair” and start putting our resource first.



New Boat Ramp!

Open! Thanks to Art Thingulsted, Patrick Maloney and all who worked toward this over many years.

Spring Creek Trout

Bob Bruggeworth caught two nice Trout from his dock on Spring Creek. The largest was 21 inches..

Upper Broad Creek Drum

Larry Knapp picked up a nice Drum from his dock.

Inner Harbour Trout

April is off to a good start for Don Simpson with three trout from the Shoreline. This one was a nice 21 inches.

Broad Creek Rock

Larry Knapp continues to find Striped bass from his Upper Broad Creek dock.

Trout from the Dock

Tom Riggs reports "Straightening up the garage this evening and my Shimano/TFO combo was sitting on the kayak and kept subconsciously telling me to go down to the dock and fish.  Glad I did...4 seatrout in about 15 minutes.  Smallest 15 inches, followed by a 19 inch, a 22 inch and a 23 inch fish."  He was using a ZMAN MinnowZ Houdini pattern with no


Neuse River Kayak Anglers Meeting



Brices Creek Boating Access

953 Perrytown Rd.   New Bern


Meeting from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM  then launch.  (Great ramp with ample parking.) Launch into Brices Creek around 9AM, return to launch area for a shore lunch about noon and have lunch and share fish stories, if so desired.  (Bring your own lunch). I have been told there are bass, crappie and brim and possibly trout.

 Contact for questions. 

Spring Creek Red Drum

Bill Pendleton caught this 20 inch Drum from his dock on Spring Creek.

Broad Creek Stripers

Lots of stripers in Upper Broad Creek. This one was 23 inches and went for a Truscend multi-jointed swimbait.


Inner Harbour Puppies for the Leaderboard


George Fitzgerald caught this 20 inch puppy from his dock on Felucca Ct, and Art Thingulstad caught an 18 inch  puppy in the inner harbour. Art's is on the Leaderboard for water and George's for Land. There are fish out there.


Inner Harbour Trout

Don Simpson continues to catch nice trout in the inner harbour.

March Speaker


Our speaker for March 4 will be Dave Stewart (Minnesott Bait & Tackle). Dave will be showing us some footage of his last fishing trip to Texas. He'll also talk about what going on locally. 

Upper Neuse Stripers


Don Simpson fished upriver on the Neuse close to the Rt 43 bridge and caught four Stripers ranging from 14 to 24 inches.

Striper Action

Tom Riggs reported two 25 inch stripers,  caught on a ZMAN with Procure inshore scent:  one in Spring Creek and the other in the inner Harbour. As Tom noted, he's going to need a longer measuring device.



Northwest Creek Trout

Phil Katz reports that he "just caught this speckled trout in Northwest Creek off my dock. Too small for leaderboard but fun to catch."

Neuse River Kayak Anglers


                  MEET AND FISH. 

22nd of February meeting for the “Neuse River Kayak Anglers”

Starts at 10:30 AM. Launch at 11:00 AM

It looks like we going to have a nice sunny day. 
We have one slight change from the original meeting post.

We have decided to change the location from  Lee’s Landing to Brice’s Creek Boat launch.  Turns out that Lee’s Landing has very limited parking and it has been a hot spot for weeks with a lot of activity.  We were concerned we would get there with no room to park.
                                              ~ Jim Spatharos

Look for the meeting agenda to be published soon:
Public comment is welcome both Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
One of the many issues to be addressed is the gill net closure above the ferry lines (and the resulting positive recovery in the fishing around New Bern.

March 5, Neuse River Chapter Banquet, New Bern, NC.
The Neuse River Banquet returns to the Shrine Club located on South Glenburnie Road. The event features one of the best banquet meals found in the state served up by Chef Ben Wheat and Two Chefs Catering, plus live and silent auctions, and raffles featuring one of the best tackle line ups at this type of event! For tickets and more information please contact Donald Willis (252) 670-3853 or Matthew Wallin (757) 508-3980.

New Leaderboard Rock

The two foot stripers continue their run in Upper Broad Creek. The one was just under 25 inches.  ~Larry Knapp


New Leaderboard Trout


Art Thingulstad added a few inches to his Local Waters lead with a 23 inch Spec caught in Upper Broad Creek.

Saltwater Magazine National Seminar


George Poveromo and his faculty (in blue shirts) met with our club members during the lunch break and took time for a photo op.  It was a great day full of useful information, lots of fishing tips, and a look at some of the newest electronics and how to use them.


Goose Creek Drum

Art Thingulstad caught a 16 1/2 inche Drum--first Drum on the Leaderboard. 29.


Broad Creek Stripers Still Hitting

Not as fat, but a bit longer at 24 inches.

Broad Creek Striper

Larry Knapp's fat striper came in at 22 1/2 inches to put him on the Leaderboard.

Leaderboard Tie

Art Thingulstad caught a 20.5 inch trout that matches Don Simpson's. Let's see who tops them both.

The Seminar is Nearing


Fish Are Here

Don Simpson continues to have fun with the Specs. As he reported, they may be too small for the leaderboard but they are still fun winter fishing and good eating.

Inner Harbour Trout on the Leaderboard


Don Simpson is on the Board with 18 inch and a 20 1/2 inch Specs.

Gary DuBiel Video

TFO Honors Gary DuBiel is a nice introduction to one of the club's favorite speakers and guides.

Leaderboard Update

Steve Burton has the first flounder on the leaderboard.


Center "Pond" Trout


George Maravelas caught some nice trout up to 22 inches in the "pond" near the center of the inner harbour near the Shoreline club house.

First Man on the Leaderboard



Steve Burton is the first angler to get on the 2020 Leaderboard with a 20 inch hybrid striper caught Thursday while fishing with Don Simpson.


Mentoring Program

Art Thingulstad is preparing for a new series of mentoring sessions. You can see the syllabus here. Check for additional information and mentoring material as they are posted to the new "Mentoring" area on the site's menu.  If you are specifically interested in Kayak fishing, check with the kayak group.

January Meeting


Donald Willis Jr., the owner of Custom Marine on Rt. 70,  President of our local chapter of CCA, and a Vice-President of the state organization, spoke to the club about the role the Coastal Conservation Association  plays in protecting and improving our fisheries--particularly the Neuse River.

He also spoke about plans by the Division of Marine Fisheries to reduce the bycatch of other species in the schimp trawl fishery and asked members to check available information from the DMF.

He and Bob Bruggeworth encouraged everyone to attend and support the CCA banquet on March 5.  Further details will be posted here when available.

2020 Local Fish Awards

Mike Shannon and Larry Knapp announced a new 2020 fishing tournament that will be year-long, running from January 1 to December 31, 2020.  Four species will be targeted: Red Drum, Striped Bass, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. The longest fish of each species caught from shore withing Fairfield HArbour and in our local waters will be recognized and honored.  Details are available by clicking on "Leaderboard" on the menu.


Inner Harbour Spec

Don Simpson reported this sixteen inch Speckled Trout caught "near the Shoreline Marina" in the inner harbour as the year ended.

Wertz Fishing

The Wertz Clan got together for Christmas at the Massetti's and went to work out on Wayne Massetti's dock and Uncle Bob Bruggeworth's dock.  They used live minnows and caught eight striped bass, as well as a spec, a red drum, and a shad.

Bailey Wertz holds one of her striped bass.

Her brother Zack shows one of his.

And Dad Jeff with his.


January Speaker

Our speaker for January 8th is Capt. Richard Andrews from Tar Pan Guide Service. He'll talk about winter fishing in the Roanoke river and other interesting subjects. 

Broad Creek Rock

The school stripers in Upper Broad Creek were 24 to 30 inches Sunday evening (Dec. 15). 

Shoreline Spec


Jim Spatharos caught this very nice Speckled Trout December 13. It was   "27 inches and 5lbs on the nose.  Caught it from the shoreline in FH on a MR17."   

Upper Broad Creek Spec


Tom Riggs, Jerry Manfredi and Jerry's Son-in-Law Tom fished the Neuse River Bridge (along with a half dozen other boats!) Broad Creek and NW Creek Wednesday morning.  The action was very slow with only two Seatrout caught, one in NW Creek and the attached picture Seatrout in Broad Creek.  The NW Creek Spec was a throwback but the Broad Creek fish which filled the bottom of the livewell was 29 1/2 inches.


Broad Creek Rock Action

Larry Knapp reports numerous stripers in the 20 to 25 inch slot in Upper Broad Creek near "the pilings." For this one, he didn't leave his dock.

Flounder at the The Facilitator's House

On a Trout Trick paddle-tail, Mike Shannon hooks this small flounder at his "secret fishing hole."

Latest Fishing Reports

Captain Richard Andrews of Tar-Pam Guide Services has posts detailed reports of fishing in the inner and outer banks.

Closer to home, this month's speaker, Ray Massengill and the other guides at Down East provide Down East Fishing Service reports that include our local waters.

Speckled Trout

Aric and Tara Bruggeworth had a Black Friday filled with speckled trout while fishing with Dave Stewart.


Upper Broad Creek Drum

Steve Burton reports he "fished the mouth of Upper Broad Creek on Wednesday and had a lot of fun catching 4 puppy drum, all around 16 inches."

Upper Broad Creek Fish

George Maravelas reports speckled trout at Blackbeards, and Larry Knapp had some striped bass from his dock near "the pilings."

Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar

George Poveromo is bringing the
Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar to the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center on February 1, 2020.

Club members meeting George Poveromo and the instructors when he brought the seminar to New Bern in 2014.
Click here to see the instructors George will feature in the 2020 New Bern seminar.

  Kayak Fishing 

Check the new Kayak Fishing page for information about the Kayak Fishing Group.

NW Creek Trout and Bass


Tom Riggs caught 2 Speckled Sea Trout and 1 Striped Bass in NW Creek around noon Tuesday (11/19).  He tells us he fished the inner harbor, Spring Creek and NW Creek with the only success in NW Creek, about 40 yards downstream from the main marina, east side of the creek in about 6 feet of water.  One spec was 18" the other 19".  The striper was 17 inches.  Surface water temperature was right around 51 degrees.  All fish were caught on a small Rapala shown in the spec picture.

Ray Massengill


     Ray Massengill

At our December meeting, Ray Massengill will be focusing on bottom fishing offshore. He's one of the guides with Downeast Guide Service and has been a guide since 1990.


Drum and Trout

Don Simpson had an 18" Drum and 20" Trout, caught and released Wednesday afternoon casting from shore in the Inner Harbour.

Inner Harbor Bass

Tom Riggs tells us "Gulls were circling.  Something was busting a school of bait fish off our dock at the end of Cassowary this morning. Mystery solved. Life is good!  Mr. Pye would be proud.  Single hook jig head with ZMan paddle tail quick release and returned to fight again."

Red Drum

Art Thinguldstad caught this 38.5” Red Drum on the south side of the Neuse River, across from Northwest Creek.   It hit a DOA “Deadly Combo."