Club Information


 Last Update: July 26, 2023

 The Regular Club Meetings are held at 7:00 pm the first Wednesday each month
 at the Fairfield Harbour Community Center at 589 Broad Creek Rd., New Bern NC


The meetings typically include presentations from experts in areas of interest to people who love to fish the Neuse River, the near shore ocean, sounds piers and marsh areas around Eastern North Carolina. People attending the meetings also share information about the fishing conditions in these areas.


The club facilitates activities focused on community involvement.  Refer to the Community Outreach Tab for more information about this topic.


Membership information is available on the “Membership” tab.


A members-only email news group provides each member with easy email access to all other members.


The meetings and fishing events are great ways to learn the most effective fishing strategies and to meet like-minded people.  This is a reference to the last meeting report.


This is a reference to previous events.

                                   All are welcome